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We asked Mr Barat whether his team was required to make special considerations when building a minute repeater on the dial side. Mr Barat explains that the minute repeater mechanism is always located on the dial. The gong and hammer are on the bottom. The gongs are placed around the entire movement of a minute repeater. To put the gongs on the opposite side, we must place them above the baseplate (attached directly onto the case like the World Time Minute Repeater reference). 5531]. The 5303 no longer has these around the movement. We have filled the space created by this with an amphitheatre engraving.

The challenge was that we didn't need to do much because the hammer was right there. We did change some components and parts from the previous minute-repeater, but nothing too special. "It wasn't too much. It was more an animation for my group than a true challenge," says Mr Barat, beaming with pride.

Mr Barat went on to say that the 5303 is very similar to the ref. The 5104 and the 5304 had identical open dials, but a perpetual calendar. "We removed perpetual calendar and replaced self-winding with tourbillon.Replica Ulysse Nardin Watches We shifted hammers, gongs, from the back of the dial to the dialside. "But the case is exactly the same," said Barat.

We asked Mr Barat, if the placement of the gongs on the dial-side posed any acoustic challenges with the 5303. He said that there were no differences in the recordings made of the 5303, which took place in special acoustic chambers. We asked if adjustments were needed to make sure that there would be no acoustic difference due to the new positioning of the gongs, hammers and other instruments. In response, Mr Barat said that his team had some experience with minute repeaters. There are some tricks we use to get good harmonics. But that's a secret.

Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches will make the 5303R a regular part of their collection in 2020. It is powered by the manual R TO 27PS calibre but has been slightly redesigned to differentiate it from the 12-piece edition launched at the Watch Art Grand Exhibition 2019 with the watch.


Move with ease

Caliber R to 27 PS mechanical movement with minute repeater,Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches tourbillon, and subsidiary seconds.

Case Study

The case is not water-resistant. It has a sapphire-crystal back and is protected from moisture and dust.


Leaver-shaped hour and minutes hands in 18K white and rose gold, lacquered and pierced in black. Subsidiary seconds hand with leaf-shaped 18K rose gold 5N


Hand-stitched Alligator Leather with large square scales in shiny black. Fold-over clasp made of 18K rose gold.



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